Executive MBA Career Guide

An executive MBA is tailored to meet the needs of those who already have careers. These degrees are often sought to enhance the student’s career, either by allowing them to move higher in their current corporation or by giving them opportunities elsewhere.

One of the things that makes an executive MBA so valuable is the wide range of subjects learned under its umbrella. MBA programs include classes in accounting, economics, operations and supply chain management, and marketing. They also cover aspects of business like organizational management and project management. These leadership-oriented classes are often just what employers are looking for when they seek new managers.

Some MBA classes include plentiful team projects and other collaborative efforts. This provides essential practice for working in groups and taking on various roles. Those seeking to become high level managers or executives will find this training to be very helpful as they navigate the corporate world.

Once basic courses are covered, many MBA programs allow students to specialize in one or more of the aspects of business management. This is great for those who will be taking a position with specific duties. Those who intend to start their own businesses may want to cover multiple aspects of business administration in further depth.

 Potential Wages for EMBA Graduates

The Bureau of Labor Statistics Occupational Outlook Handbook lists many positions that MBA holders may be interested in along with possible wages for these jobs. Among these are:

  •  Marketing managers – $112,800/year
  • Property managers – $51,840/year
  • Financial managers – $103,910/year
  • Medical managers – $84,270/year
  • Personnel managers – $99,180/year

Of course, the Bureau’s figures are not guarantees of earnings. They are simply guidelines to suggest what is possible in these positions. Specific qualifications, local employment conditions, and the policies of individual companies all contribute to the wage that can be earned in any particular situation.

 Executive MBA Programs

Executive MBA degrees, also known as EMBA degrees, are offered by many universities in the United States and elsewhere. Many of these are offered through traditional offline classes, but there are also online executive MBA programs available. Here are a couple of examples of programs that are available:

  • The E. Philip Saunders College online Executive MBA experience is flexible, interactive and preferred by executives who find they work best outside of the conventional school framework. With online education, you have the freedom to access course content, post discussions and brainstorm with peers whenever it is most convenient for you, from wherever you feel most comfortable.
  • Online Executive MBA Program is just one example of how the internet has modernized graduate-level education. This program lets students make a business plan and implement it as they acquire the educational tools to do so. Professional coaching helps to ensure success both in the real world and in class settings. An online EMBA from WSU can be obtained in as little as 18 months.

With all of the potential benefits, it’s no wonder that the most popular graduate degree in the world is the MBA. Executive MBA programs are made to work around your existing career schedule to allow you to improve your skill profile without the need to take a sabbatical. This makes them especially valuable to those who are already in the corporate world.